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Z. Liauksminas str. 6, 01101 Vilnius
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Tel. +370 5 266 13 64
Fax +370 5 279 14 24
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I–IV  8.00–12.00 and 12.45–17.00
    V  8.00–12.00 and 12.45–15.45

Population service hours:
   I 7.30–18.00
  II 7.30–18.00
 III 7.30–18.00
IV 7.30–18.00
 V 7.30–16.45
VI 9.00–13.00

Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund

Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund (HIF) is public institution, which with other institutions perform the compulsory health insurance. ICD insured by compulsory health insurance guarantees health care costs and the payment for services rendered. Territorial health insurance founds follow in the Constitution, the Civil Code, the Health Insurance Act, the Compulsory Health Insurance Council resolutions, as well as the Ministry of Health and the State Patient Fund under the Ministry of Health orders and other legal acts.

Lithuania, there are five territorial health insurance funds: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai and Panevezys.


Z. Liauksminas str. 6, 01101 Vilnius

Tel.: +370 5 219 4362

Opening hours:
I-IV 7.30-18.00 val.
V 7.30-16.45 val.
VI 9.00-13.00 val.
* Prieššventinėmis dienomis – viena valanda trumpiau.

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